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This document accurately describes the facilities and services offered and not opinions as to suitably for people with specific access needs

Policy & Approach to Accessibility

We recognise that it is important not only for us as a business, but more importantly for our clients who require treatment that is as accessible as possible. We also understand that this building has limitations on accessibility, but keen to make the building as accessible as far as it is practicable and reasonable to do so. We will continue to work towards an accessible environment. Accessibility will be improved through physical improvements to the building and through the managed solutions. We are also keen on how access can be improved and have an access audit on the premises and are using that.


Green End Dental Practice operates from a two-storey building. The practice is situated directly opposite Whitchurch continental convenience store next door to Whitchurch Photography. Access to reception, ground floor waiting area and Surgery 1 is located on the ground floor with an easy access ramp with handrails. Our reception desk has a hearing loop and braille/translation services are available upon request. Access is suitable for disabled patients including those in wheelchairs. There is a ground floor surgery and a toilet adapted for the use of disabled patients. There is no available parking at the practice but parking can be found on; Tesco’s car park, then getting to Green End via Pearl Yard, car park at the traffic lights and walk down Green End, park by Iceland and walk down Deermoss Lane. Occasionally there are parking places in Green End outside the practice but this is very restricted times and are really only suitable if you have a disabled parking badge, there are  also bus stops close by. Additional surgeries and a larger waiting room are currently not accessible to people who cannot negotiate stairs being located on the first floor.

Contact Information

The surgery is open as follows:

Monday to Friday: 08:00am – 12:30pm (closed for lunch) 01:30pm-5:00pm

Both NHS and private treatment is available.

Telephone: 01948 662675

Email Reception: receptiongreenenddental@outlook.com Management Enquires: greenendpracticemanager@outlook.com Website: https://www.greenenddentalpractice.co.uk/

Pre-Arrival Information

The paths are firm and even with dropped kerbs to most crossing points and vehicle crossovers. The access routes are lit by street lighting. The routes are generally free from obstructions such as street furniture and other items. The practice is clearing signed. Access statement is available in large text upon request.

Entrance/ Reception

Reception is on the ground floor with a fixed ramp with handrails into the building. The door provides a clear width of 850mm. The floor surface is firm and tiled. The area has good and even lighting levels with blinds to the windows. There is an induction loop at the counter which is clearly signed and the practice team have had training on its use. Pen and paper are available upon request. There is a range of seating heights with inclusive space for wheelchair users and assistance dogs. A member of the practice team will come and greet you and take you to the surgery which it is your turn.


The building is small, so circulation space is minimal. The practice team are aware of this and will offer assistance as and when required. The ground floor surgery is directly ff the reception waiting area. Floor surfaces are firm and even.


We have an accessible WC fully wheelchair friendly. The WC has a seat height of 430mm. The WC has support rails to each side which offer good colour contrast. The wash hand basin is fitted with lever taps and has good colour contrast. Lighting levels are good and the flooring is slip resistant.


We have 5 surgeries within the building, one on the ground floor and the others on the first. The first-floor surgery can only be accessed by stairs as we do not have a lift. If these cause your difficulties, please provide our reception team at the time of booking and will we ensure that your appointment is in our ground floor surgery. The ground floor surgery has little manoeuvring space for wheelchair users but wheelchairs do access it for treatment. If in doubt please call to discuss this.  


The stairs have handrails to both sides, these offer good colour contrast with their background. The treads have solid risers but no colour contrasting nosing’s. There is good colour contrast between the stairs and the adjoining wall. Lighting levels are suitable.   

Emergency Evacuation

The building does offer level egress from the main or side exit of the building, the practice team are on hand to offer assistance/trained in the event of an evacuation and we have emergency egress plans for disabled clients. Due to the small building size, we are unable to accommodate mobility scooters within the reception area. These will have to be left outside of the building. Our employees are willing to offer assistance to those people using them who require entry into the building.